Hormone receptor positive breast cancer has both estrogen receptor positive (ER+) and progesterone receptor positive (PR+) tumor receptor status. Compounds that regulate ER or PR expression, oppose the production of estrogen in the body (i.e., oppose aromatase) or inhibit estrogen binding to estrogen receptors are among those used to treat ER+/PR+ breast cancer. See also ER+/PR+ recurrence & survival data.
Hormone receptor positive tumors tend to metastasize first to the bone. Breast cancer patients with ER+/PR+ tumors have the most favorable prognosis compared to the other estrogen/progesterone subtypes (ER+/PR-, ER-/PR+, ER-/PR-).
However, large breast size is associated with reduced breast cancer survival in women with ER+ breast cancer, independent of body mass index (BMI). Because this is the most hormonally driven subtype, hormone receptor positive breast cancer survivors have the greatest opportunity to influence their prognosis through diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices that can influence estrogen and other hormone levels.

Hormone receptor positive breast cancer progression rates

In this section, we summarize available data published during the last three years concerning risk of recurrence for early stage ER+/PR+ breast cancer. However, please note that outcomes can vary greatly depending on numerous factors, including those described above, as well as diet and other lifestyle choices. Also, the data below represents snapshots from studies that were conducted using different populations under a variety of circumstances. Therefore, the numbers are somewhat inconsistent and far from definitive and should not be used to calculate your likely recurrence-free survival. However, the data is useful in getting a general idea of hormone receptor positive breast cancer prognosis and to compare outcomes depending on treatment and other factors.

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