Up to 21% of invasive breast cancers in the U.S. have mixed hormone receptor status. In other words, the tumors are classified as either estrogen receptor positive and progesterone receptor negative (ER+/PR-) or estrogen receptor negative and progesterone receptor positive (ER-/PR+). Women with ER+/PR- breast cancer are more likely to be postmenopausal, whereas those with ER-/PR+ breast cancer are more likely to be premenopausal. Endocrine treatments such as tamoxifen are used to treat both of these types, although they tend to be less effective for ER-/PR+ tumors.

We have elected not to try to summarize the statistics concerning risk of recurrence for mixed hormone receptor disease here because it varies greatly depending on numerous factors. Below are links to some of the best recent studies concerning mixed hormone receptor breast cancer prognosis and survival statistics. These two types are grouped together in this web page because research that mentions these types is rare and often incorporates both types.

Below are links to recent studies on this topic. For a more complete list of studies, please click on ER+/PR- or ER-/PR+. Please also see our articles on breast cancer diets for ER+/PR- or ER-/PR+ patients and survivors.