Breast Cancer Diet Service

We offer an individualized Breast Cancer Diet Service for a fee (not covered by insurance) to those who would like customized diet and lifestyle advice based on their specific breast cancer type, treatment, food preferences and other factors. The Service includes chemotherapy regimens not specifically covered by the website and is available to both U.S. and non-U.S. breast cancer patients and survivors. However, many will find this service too expensive and will be able to make very good breast cancer-specific food and lifestyle choices using the information provided in this website. Please see How to Optimize Your Breast Cancer Diet.

Note that we do not believe that any diet can cure or successfully treat a diagnosed breast tumor. However, tailoring your food choices to your individual circumstances and breast cancer subtype can take full advantage the potential of your diet to support your breast cancer treatment and help reduce the risk of recurrence.

Breast Cancer Diet Recommendations Report

The Breast Cancer Diet Service starts with a detailed questionnaire concerning your breast cancer type, treatment, family history, age, other medical conditions, prescription and over-the-counter medications, food preferences, supplements, ethnicity, allergies, and other factors. You will receive the initial Breast Cancer Diet Recommendations Report within one week. The report will include the following:

  1. Summary of the recommendations. This will identify and prioritize the most important foods and other factors for your breast cancer type and circumstances. While the focus is on foods, you will also be provided with feedback on any supplements you are taking, to the extent that research is available.
  2. Food lists. Included are lists of foods and beverages that are (1) recommended; (2) to be avoided; or (3) neutral for your breast cancer type, treatment stage, and other personal factors. Note that the Report does not include weekly food plans or menus.
  3. Lifestyle and other recommendations.
  4. Explanations for the recommendation for each food and other factor listed, including academic study references.

Ongoing Support for Two Years

As you move into each new phase of treatment (e.g., beginning of chemotherapy, tamoxifen or Herceptin treatment), you will receive customized updated reports that take into account your new circumstances. The Service includes two years of follow-up.

The Breast Cancer Diet Service is also supported by a two-year question period during which time you will receive replies to any questions concerning the recommendations within 24 hours. Of course, you are entitled to email additional questions after this period, but the response may be slower.

You will also be informed by email of any additions or changes to your recommendations based on your specific breast cancer type and circumstances. The reasons for any change will be provided.

The fee depends on whether you are newly diagnosed and in treatment or a survivor who has completed initial treatments but may be undergoing long-term tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitor, or Herceptin therapy.

Food for Breast Cancer Services Disclaimer

Food for Breast Cancer Services are provided by G. Sarah Charles, the researcher and author responsible for the content of Ms. Charles is a breast cancer survivor with a mathematics-system science degree from UCLA and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Ms. Charles is not a licensed physician or registered dietitian and the services to be provided are not licensed by the state of California. As such, the services will not be covered by medical insurance. The information and advice is designed to be complementary to conventional medical treatment licensed by the state, not a replacement for it.

The Breast Cancer Diet Service is based on findings regarding the associations between dietary and lifestyle factors and breast cancer risk and outcomes in published academic studies. Foods, rather than dietary supplements, are the focus of the advice. Food for Breast Cancer has operated for eight years and maintains extensive searchable databases and other information concerning various foods and breast cancer types and treatments, including a private database of more than 13,000 scientific studies which is updated continually. The Breast Cancer Diet Service includes two years of updates to food lists and advice when any changes or additions relevant to the client are made.

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