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U.S. and German researchers have discovered a mechanism of action by which breast cancer can sometimes spread to distant organs even before the primary breast tumor is large enough to detect. Breast cancer cells that have undergone certain molecular alterations (resulting in a switched-on oncogene and a turned-off tumor suppressor gene) can migrate, remain dormant for extended periods of time, and eventually transition out of dormancy to develop into deadly metastases. Since most chemotherapy and other targeted treatments are designed to kill proliferating cells, dormant tumor cells can escape treatment.

Using high resolution imaging in live animals, the researchers were able to see transformed breast cancer cells enter the blood stream from mammary glands and travel to the lung, the bone marrow, and other organs. “While our findings add a whole new level of complexity to the understanding of cancer, they also add energy to our efforts to finally solve the big issue in cancer — stop the metastasis that kills patients,” according to Dr. Aguirre-Ghiso of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

Below are links to new topics covered last month in our website.

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Below are links to new topics covered last month in our website.

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