Newsletter September 2016

Mayo Clinic researchers led by Jan van Deursen have made some progress in uncovering the functions of a protein (BubR1) involved in cell division and how it might be used as a target for cancer treatment. One characteristic that various types of cancer cells have in common is an abnormal chromosome number.

BubR1 is designed to ensure proper cell division by helping to regulate chromosome segregation. It prevents the occurrence of an abnormal number by delaying cell division until all chromosomes are successfully attached to the cellular structures that will pull them apart during mitosis. Van Deursen's team used mice with mutant copies of the BubR1 gene to determine which forms of BubR1 can enhance this process and have the potential to be used in cancer treatment.

Below are links to new topics covered last month in our website.

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Below are links to new topics covered last month in our website.

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